Tarkashi/Metal Inlay on Wood of Uttar Pradesh

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Tarkashi/Metal Inlay on Wood of Uttar Pradesh

The art of inlaying brass and copper wires in wood is called Tarkashi. Traditional craft articles such as khadaun (wooden slippers), book holders and screens are crafted by the artisans. Additionally contemporary items such as bottle racks, trolleys, and television cabinets as well as coasters are created.

The tools used for the crafting process are cheni, pulki, tahaki, Chaurasi- types of chisel, punches, wooden mallets and hammer.

The metal wire inlay work known as tarkashi was originally from Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh. Here brass wire was used as an inlay on wood. It was predominantly used for khadaous (wooden sandals), a necessity for every household since leather was considered unclean. The tarkashi craft of Uttar Pradesh is known today for its fine inlay work with brass wire, brass strips, and motifs on dark sheesham with fine dots and designs with lines. This technique is being used extensively for furniture and boxes, particularly in Pilkhuwa.


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