Cotton and Silk Weaving of Gujarat

Textiles, Weaving, Spinning, Khadi

Cotton and Silk Weaving of Gujarat

The textiles woven in Bhuj, Gujarat carry heavy symbolism of the community they represent. They are exquisite, vibrant and shimmering in their textural and visual appeal. These textiles represent the Kutchi traditional culture. They become a unit of identification for the community which is often associated with their traditional rituals and customs.

Kutchi weavers often have workshops installed in their houses from where they practice weaving. After the textile is ready the cloth is collected from individual weaver’s homes and brought to a centralized location where trade occurs. Weaving in Bhuj is practiced of various kinds and the process has also evolved with the coming of technology. The community of weavers specializes in Ajrakh, Bandhini, Bhujodi, Patchwork, Handblock printing and Batik work.




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