Thawa Art Work /Gold Work on Glass of Rajasthan

Jewellery, Beads, Jewelled Objects

Thawa Art Work /Gold Work on Glass of Rajasthan

The history of Thewa goes back some300 to 500 years.

Thewa art was invented by Nathuni Sonewalla during the reign of Maharawat Samant Singh of Pratapgarh in the year 1767. Nathuni Sonewalla was forefather of the Rajsoni family, who continue to practice this art.

Thewa art is considered to be a fine art as it was patronized by royalty. It is made by artisans who are by profession jewellers, and some of the items they produce are pieces of jewellery such as the “tika” (a traditional ornament worn by Rajasthani women on the forehead), necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, tiepins, cufflinks and buttons. Utilitarian articles like combs, make-up boxes, mirror frames, photo frames and plates are also made using the Thewa art. The latest addition is the use of precious and semi-precious stones, which enhances the beauty of Thewa jewellery.

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