Wood Furniture of Delhi


Wood Furniture of Delhi

THE CRAFT OF has long been extant in this region due to the. This huge cluster in Kirt Nagar with over 50,000 to 60,000 craftsmen engaged in crafting wood furniture was set up in  1975 by the Delhi government as a jungle of sagwan wood grew here providing the raw material needed for the craft. Working in workshop on an assembly line craftsmen specialize in executing a particular stage of the craft process whether it be the designing and transferring the farma pattern image onto the wool, or carving.

An unusual feature is that the craftsmen sell the products in an unfinished and un-polished form thereby any faults or discrepancies in the wood or workmanship can easily be identified. This furniture is then polished, finished, upholstered and sold by upmarket showrooms. The craftsmen specialize in ornate carvings on Chairs, Tables, Side tables,  Beds,  Cupboards,  Sofas, etc

Other areas in Delhi where carving and carpentry skills are available is in  Panchkuian Road and  Jail Road

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