Wood Inlay/Tarkashi of Delhi


Wood Inlay/Tarkashi of Delhi

The wood inlay craftsmen in the beginning used ivory for the inlay work but ivory has now been replaced with bone. Plastic, different woods, shell and acrylic are also being used.

 Wood is first seasoned and the design drawn on it with a pencil. The pattern is engraved onto the wood and the designs are carved out.

The acrylic sheets or whatever inlay material is to be used are cut carefully as per the design and after that set into the carved recess of the base wood with a mixture of adhesive and sawdust.

 Beautiful metal inlay with brass or copper wires is also done. After inlay the surface of the wood is leveled and a thin layer of beeswax is applied to the surface in order to give it smoothness and gloss.

Intricately carved jewelry boxes, and other decorative and utilitarian items are crafted. Traditional techniques of decorative wood work, carving, inlaying, turning, and lacquering are being applied now  to high-quality furniture and accessories.

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