Embracing the Past, Weaving the Future

Advocacy, Craftspersons/ Artisanal, Employment/ Livelihood, Entrepreneurship, Business Devt.

Embracing the Past, Weaving the Future: A Journey of Upcycling and Sustainability through Fibres

Goenka, Bhaavya

Issue #10, 2023                                                                              ISSN: 2581- 9410 As a passionate practitioner in the world of textiles, I have always been captivated by the transformative power of fibres. To me, they are not merely the building blocks of fabric; they represent the essence of creation. Without the basic raw material – the fibre – no tangible product can ever come to life. It is through this lens that I have explored the realm of upcycling, turning scrap fabrics into fashion and utility items with a purpose.    In the mainstream, the term "fibre" has been narrowly defined, often restricted to materials like cotton, wool, silk, and others. However, its true definition is far more profound. Beyond the physical attributes, a fibre signifies a material that helps build a space from scratch, enabling the creation of something beautiful and meaningful. The stories of practitioners like me who have embraced upcycling are filled with a certain ethos a...
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