Poonam Bir Kasturi responds to John Ballyn’s Training for artisans

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Poonam Bir Kasturi responds to John Ballyn’s Training for artisans

Kasturi, Poonam Bir

I have met John many years ago and I know of the work he has done in this sector. I feel that his article "Training for artisans - blending the market-led approach with tradition, sustainability and environmental issues" covers the areas my article did not pay attention to. And for that I am grateful to him for articulating the specifics that come under what we all talk about when we use the word "market-led".

I like the sub-heads he has used:
  • Pricing Policies

  • Shopping Habits

  • Fashion Trends and Product Conformity

  • Volume Production

  • Consumer's lack of Knowledge

  • Difficult Days

  • Holding their own - knowing your enemy

(The last particularly is so telling - why do so many of the people who work in craft see "the market led trade" as the enemy?)

In India, we are going to have more people working in the area of craft, there has been a build up of interest in this area that is different from the interest of the government led initiatives. And while this will happen in a fluid dynamic way, I am going to use this platform for some wild thinking of the possibilities. And I take my inspiration from what is happening in the world of technolog...
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