The Spirit of Craft


The Spirit of Craft


Shri Suresh Neotia, Chairman, Indian Institute of Craft & Design, distinguished Governing Council members, Dr Satish Bhardwaj, Director, distinguished guests, faculty members, and graduating students:

I am deeply honoured to be invited to deliver the convocation address today at this unique institution which serves the vast and vibrant craft culture of contemporary India.

It is a country’s craft that gives that country a great part of its unique identity. Craftspersons express the spirit of a people through the work of their hands: the spirit of India is evident in our craft, as is the spirit of Africa in theirs, and of all great civilizations in their own. Craft must remain true to that spirit, while retaining its relevance to contemporary life. And at the present moment in history when people are realizing how damaging the industrial mode of production is to the environment , how disruptive it is to society, there is a tremendous opportunity for craft production...

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