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Wall decorations of a mobile people

Jain, Jyotindra; Jain-Neubauer, Jutta

Marg, 1980-81, XXXIV(4):34-42. (Reprinted: The Impulse to Adorn; Jan Pieper, George Michell, eds., 1982),

Wall Painting from Amber

Lalit Kala Academy

Lalit Lala Series Portfolio No. 13, New Delhi: Lalit Kala Academy, 1974

Wall Painting of the Western Himalayas

Seth, Mira 

Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, 1976

Wall paintings by Panjabi peasants

Mago, Pran Nath

Design, New Delhi, 1963, 7(10):33-36,

Wardha District

Maharashtra state gazetteers

Revised edition, Bombay: GPO, 1974

Warli painting

Gandhy, Khorshed

India Magazine, 1981, 1(6),

Warli Paintings

George, Ligi

A Hidden Faith. In conversation with Subhash Nathu Sutar, Global InCH Journal,

Warli pictographs

Jayakar, Pupul

Marg, 1977-78, XXXI(2):13-16,

Warp and Weft preparation

Amalsad, D M

Madras: Orient Longman, 1950