Global InCH Journal
Issue #001
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Stimulating Deliberation

Sustainability, Sustainable Devt.

The Cultural Diversity Umbrella

Jongeward, Carolyn

Cultural, Creative Industries

Framing the Fluid Multiple Perspectives on Bharatanatyam

Johar, Navtej

Art History/Craft History

The Living Crafts of India

Sethi, Ritu

Sustainability, Sustainable Devt.

Sustaining Crafts and Livelihoods

Wood, Sharmila


Cotton To Cloth


Sustainability, Sustainable Devt.

A Directional Study Towards Empowerment

Patel, Usha Nehru



Edwards, Eiluned

Skilling, Training, Professional Devt.

Design Education in India

Chatterjee, Ashoke

Design, Designers

Innate Design Skills

Ballyn, John

Art History/Craft History

The Tradition of Foot Covering in Indian Culture Upanah, Paduka, Juta Juti

Pathak, Anamika

Safeguarding, Endangered

Bewitched by the Baluchari

Palchoudhuri, Ruby

Craft, Handloom, Art

Adivasi Pata of Kotpad

Sethi, Pankaja


Curriculum for Design Education of Craftspersons

Agarawal, Megha

Craft, Handloom, Art

Splendor of Pahari Embroidery

Arora, Rohini


Aadi Fibres

Turaga, Janaki